ONE Northside Block Party Pics

Aug 8, 2023

On July 23rd, we had a 10th Anniversary ONE Northside Block Party! There were activities for kids, and ways for all community members to connect, have fun and learn about ONE Northside. ONE Northside is a mixed-income, multi-ethnic, intergenerational non-profit organization that builds collective power to eliminate injustice through grassroots community organizing. We organize people from over 100 institutions, as well as individual community residents, from Rogers Park, Edgewater, Uptown, Ravenswood, North Center, Lake View, and Lincoln Park. This was our first ONE Northside Block Party, to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, but now we think it will become an annual tradition!

A Classic Summertime Northside Block Party

Hundreds of people showed up for food, fun, and connection! ONE Northside is an organization that brings people together based on our shared values of diversity, justice, leadership development and people power. Part of the way we do that is by coming together and spending quality time together.

Wide shot of a northside block party. There are tables with people sitting behind them, lots of adults and kids walking around, a bounce house in the distance, and a canopy of trees above
Fun, Food, Connection and chances to learn about the work we are doing together to build power for community
White pop-up tent, with a table underneath for hot dogs and fixins. Folks with "The Rent is too damn high" stand on one side dishing out food, neighbors receive food on the other side.
We served Chicago Hot Dogs with all the fixin’s
Woman in Summer dress throwing a ball into buckets, as several people watch. Two of the people watching are wearing black t-shirts that read "The Rent is Too Damn High"
The CP4P team handled the tunes and got the community involved with a ball toss game.
Two men sit in folding chairs, with other folks milling behind them. One man has an orange and blue wig, the colors of ONE Northside, and is wearing an orange ONE Northside t-shirt. The other man is wearing a rainbow feater boa.
The Mental Health Justice Team played games while talking about their campaigns to work toward Medicare 4 All

Fun for Kids

We had lots of opportunities for fun for kids, including a bounce house and face painting. Parent Mentors graciously provided the face painting and talked about their programs in the schools. Our Parent Mentor Program is building powerful parents and families, building powerful students and classrooms, and building powerful community-centered schools.

Large red, yellow, blue and green bouncy house , with two kids. One kid is looking through the window and smiling, the other is halfway in and halfway out of the bouncy house door, also smiling. Shoes lay on the ground near the entrance.
Boy is standing and smiling at the camera with a "ONE Northside" orange shirt. People, tables and a pop-up tent are in the background.
Girl in orange "ONE Northside" t-shirt smiles into camera, as her face is being painted. She has a pink butterfly painted on her face and a black headband. Other kids play in the background.
A parent mentor painting a beautiful butterfly
A child sits in a ONE Northside t-shirt on a chair. Behind him, one adult holds a face-painting stencil on his face while an adult in front of him paints through the stencil.
A parent mentor paints a face, while another holds the stencil

Community Connections

The weather was nice as people came together to talk about how to build an equitable future for all of us. We had tickets for giveaways from our sponsors, also raffle tickets for free t-shirts for folks who filled out comments to the FHA about the need for tenant protections. The SRO team made friendship bracelets, because community connections is how we build power.

In the foreground, 4 people talk. One is wearing a black t-shirt that says "The Rent is Too Damn High." In the background are many people walking around and having fun, under a canopy of trees.
We build power by building connections
Two people smile into the camera. One is wearing an orange "ONE Northside" t-shirt. There is a table between them, with raffle tickets and a list of giveaway items.
Table for Giveaways and becoming a member
Two smiling faces, both wearing sunglasses, and one is wearing a "The Rent is Too Damn High" t-shirt. Behind them, a rack with t-shirts and a tote bag saying "ONE Northside"
Merch for Sale, and t-shirt giveaway for filling out an FHA comment
Three smiling people making friendship bracelets and holding up a sign saying "SRO Team, Bring Chicago Home." Two of these people are wearing orange "ONE Northside" t-shirts, as is a person standing in the background.
Friendship Bracelets with the SRO Team

ONE Northside Community Block Party = Smiling Faces

We loved connecting with so many dedicated leaders, volunteers, Uptown neighbors and elected officials! We believe that those affected by the issues in the community are best equipped to come together and develop solutions, create action strategies, then lead in those strategies. Our grassroots leaders work on issues including housing justice, mental health justice and healthcare access, police accountability and community safety, and environmental justice. Who knew that building power could be so much fun?

Two people stand smiling into the camera, one is wearing a black shirt and rainbow boa, the other is wearing a green t-shirt
Dave and Reina, Having a Blast
Six people standing together, with arms over each other shoulders, all facing the camera. They are smiling. Behind them are brick buildings and trees.
We were delighted to be visited by some of our elected officials, including members of our newly elected District Councils!
An adult with a "Rent is Too Damn High" t-shirt sits listening to a person talking who is mostly off camera except for a gesturing hand. An older child has their back to the camera, and is doing crafts. On the back of their orange t-shirt there is a ONE Northside logo. There is a sign at the table saying "What do you love about our community" and colorful postcards fill the space below the question
The Environmental Justice team asked neighbors what they love about our community, and had crafts for kids
A table is covered with crafts and jewelry. Behind the table are 4 people, 3 of them close to the table, and just 2 of those three can we see their faces. One person facing the camera is wearing an orange blouse and is smiling big. The person next to her is talking to someone else who is off camera.
A big smile from Ebony, who runs The Women of Color Table and Parent Mentors
Two men are in the foreground, one is standing with a trimmer, the other is sitting with an apron around him. A haircut is happening. Other folks hang out in the background.
Hair Cutting Time!
Two people sit in the foreground. One is standing and has a comb in her hand. The other is sitting, and having her hair braided. grass and a sidewalk are in the background.
Hair Braiding Fun!
Thank you to Champion Sponsor Old National Bank, Block Captain Sponsor Alderman Matt Martin, and Cool Neighbor Sponsor the Haitian American Museum of Chicago, who also donated museum passes for our giveaway! Thanks also to Revolution Brewing, the Recyclery, and Strange Cargo for giveaway donations.

Thanks to everyone for coming out to our very first ONE Northside Block Party! We had so much fun and felt the love. We loved seeing old friends and meeting new neighbors too! We will see you next year!

Check our calendar to join us for other events in the meantime.

Join us to build a diverse, united North Side of Chicago acting powerfully for our shared values of racial, social, and economic justice in communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.