Parent Mentors at ONE Northside

Promoting education justice, one classroom at a time.

Parent Mentor helping a student

How The Parent Mentors Program Works

At ONE Northside, we believe in quality public education for all children. We believe that teachers and Parent Mentors of color add value in the classroom through continuity and cultural competency. We believe in parent leadership and participation. We believe the public education system should be well-funded allowing teachers, parents and children to receive the respect and support they deserve. To accomplish this vision of education justice in our North Side communities, we participate in the Parent Mentors program with the Parent Engagement Institute.

Through this partnership, we have recruited and trained parents, mostly Black and Latina mothers, from six neighborhood elementary schools to assist teachers two hours every day. Each cohort of Parent Mentors includes 6-8 parents per school, and a coordinator who helps them with their training and their work. Parents are assigned to a classroom (not their own child’s) where they work one-on-one or in small groups with children. After reaching 100 volunteer hours, Parent Mentors receive a small stipend. One day per week, Parent Mentors receive extra training around academic instruction, professional development, community engagement and leadership skills.

The Benefits of The Parent Mentor Program

  • Building powerful parents and families – Parents in the program learn new schools and become empowered to take on new challenges and opportunities for growth through the program.

  • Building powerful students and classrooms – Parent Mentors provide extra support in classrooms where it is needed, helping to fill school gaps.

  • Building powerful community-centered schools – Parent Mentors create strong connections between each school and the wider community, making each of them stronger.

Ready To Get Involved?

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