Environmental Justice

Putting people and the planet first as we work for climate justice.

What We Believe

The Environmental Justice Team believes that the city of Chicago has the resources to start not only battling climate change, but protecting the most vulnerable Chicago residents from the effects of climate change. We are working to ensure that the needs of low-income people and people of color are met as we confront climate change in the coming years and decades, and that they have a voice at the table as decisions are made that will affect their communities.

What We Will Do

  • Build public support for initiatives such as Solar for All, that will help residents cut their utility costs and access cooling and heating amenities and get these state programs in place in affordable housing units such as North Point.

  • Work with allies in Chicago and beyond on national campaigns such as the Winter of Discontent, in order to make escaping the effects of climate change manageable for lower income residents.

Ready To Get Involved?

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