Here’s How to Get Involved and Help Win Bring Chicago Home!

Jan 9, 2024

On March 19th, Chicago residents will have the opportunity to vote “YES” or “NO” on Bring Chicago Home, the proposed referendum that would raise the Real Estate Transfer Tax to 3% on property sales over 1 million. The excitement and anticipation are building, as this journey has been over 5 years in the making! All of us together now need to get this beautiful project across the finish line, by mobilizing and spreading the word to VOTE YES for Bring Chicago Home!

There are so many ways to get involved…

Phone-Banking with ONE Northside to win Bring Chicago Home

On Wednesdays from 5:30pm-7pm, you can join us online or at ONE Northside (4648 N Racine) for phone-banking. If you are coming in person, bring your own phone and laptop if you can. We will be calling people in our own ONE Northside contact list to talk to them about why Bring Chicago Home is important to remind them to vote.

If you are new to phone-banking, don’t worry, we can train you! Phone-banking is a way of being involved that can reach a large number of people easily. The first call may take a bit of courage, but we will be there to cheer you on, and after the first call it gets easier.

Canvassing – a proven way to win

On Saturdays from 10am-1pm, meet us at 4648 N Racine for canvassing! We’ll be going door-to-door, asking our neighbors to VOTE YES, and explaining why. Just as phone-banking can reach a large number of people, door-to-door canvassing is the best way to make a deep impact. Having a conversation face-to-face is the most effective way to influence a person’s views on an issue of importance.

Phone-Banking or Canvassing with partner organizations to win Bring Chicago Home

If you are interested in phone-banking or canvassing for Bring Chicago Home, but are not available Wednesday evenings or Saturday midday for ONE Northside events, you can still get involved with ONE Northside’s partner organizations across the north side that are also holding similar events.

Submit a Video About Why BCH Matters to You

Lastly… we are excited to announce that we are holding a video contest to spread the word about Bring Chicago Home on social media. If you submit a video, you will be entered into a drawing for ONE Northside t-shirts, and a chance to be featured in our blog. The rules are simple:

  • Submit a short video (1 minute max) answering the question “Why do I support Bring Chicago Home?”
  • We especially want personal testimonies, mentioning if you or someone you know has experienced homelessness
  • This video could be shot on any video camera, could be a phone, computer, or fancy video camera
  • Good light, so we can see your face. Good sound, so we can hear your voice
  • If you need help creating this video, let us know! Help is available.
  • Horizontal/Landscape view only (this is so we can edit it together with other videos)
Orientation 2

Send video submissions to Communications Manager Marie Rowley at mr*****@on**********.org, subject line: BCH Video

We will be sharing these videos on social media to help convince people to vote YES for Bring Chicago Home.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

No matter which ways you are able to help win Bring Chicago Home, your contribution matters! Even if you aren’t able to participate in the ways listed above, talk to your friends about why this work matters. And, don’t forget to VOTE YES on Bring Chicago Home.

Join us to build a diverse, united North Side of Chicago acting powerfully for our shared values of racial, social, and economic justice in communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.