WE DID IT! City Council has passed Bring Chicago Home!

Nov 8, 2023

This week, we made history– Bring Chicago Home passed out of city council! With 32 yes votes, Bring Chicago Home will now head to the March 19th, 2024 ballot

We started out the day with a rally where our Housing Justice leader Reina gave an incredible and grounding speech on how our proposal will impact our city and the long and winding process it took to get here! 

Reina speaks into a microphone in front of the Thompson Center with a big crowd behind her holding signs and banners

How did your alderperson vote? 
Northside alders who voted YES:
Vasquez (40), Clay (46), Martin (47), Manaa-Hoppenworth (48), Hadden (49), and Silverstein (50)!

Northside alders who voted NO:
Waguespeck (32), Knudsen (43), and Lawson (44)

What’s next?
Bring Chicago Home will appear on the ballot on March 19th, 2024. We will be canvassing, phonebanking, textbanking and talking to voters to let them know how important it is to VOTE YES to Bring Chicago Home. With 68,000 people experiencing homelessness in Chicago, we have the chance to win real solutions to house thousands of our neighbors. We will work hard to pass this ballot initiative and get Bring Chicago Home across the finish line!

Save the date: Bring Chicago Home will be on your ballot on March 19, 2024

Join us to build a diverse, united North Side of Chicago acting powerfully for our shared values of racial, social, and economic justice in communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.